Lucky Charm Armor shoes ’Kegutsu’



~ A Right Shoe for good luck ~

The widespread "shoe" spell.
Especially the right shoe is considered more lucky.

Kyoto armor artisans use traditional techniques and authentic materials to recreate the samurai's 'Kegutsu' shoes as an item.

In Japan, dragonfly patterns are called "victory insects" and are considered to be good luck.

Carry it around as a little good luck charm.

Color: Three color variations are available: red, scarlet, and orange.

Materials: black horsehair, deerskin, silk, cotton, etc.

size: Body only... 6cm x 4cm (varies slightly due to handcraft),
Overall length (including the string)... 18.5 cm (varies slightly due to handicraft)

*Price includes shipping.

*It takes about 10 days~2 weeks for delivery.

*The bag, pants, and doll in the image are not included in the product.