I don't think there is anything that is full of Japanese aesthetic sense like armor and helmet.In the past, as a symbol of status, honor and dignity, armor had various thoughts.Also, when people wanted to achieve great success in their lives, they donated specially beautifully finished Kacchu (armor) to shrines and other places as proof of their great wishes.These armors were not only functional, but also crafted and crafted to the point where they were out of sight, seeking elegance.


Tatsuhito Imamura

He was born as the first son of his predecessor.
Try to acquire skills in making Kazari-katchuu at kyoto-armor Studio.
Kyoto-armor Studio The fourth Kazari-katchuu-shi (In Japan, he works as the 4th Heianjyu Issui.)
Certified by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry as a Traditional Artisan.
Making use of the traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation, I work on a wide range of works.
We are constantly striving to improve our skills by actively creating new works and aiming for more sophisticated expression of traditional beauty.