Kyoto Armor

Armor Studio

Kazari-Katchu is composed of many parts like actual armor. Therefore, there are many production processes, and various traditional techniques are used to process materials. In order to harmonize all of them and express a unique style, it is necessary to develop a high level of technology that can consistently process all processes.
Kazari-Katchu of kyoto-armor enables the expression of the unparalleled traditional beauty by carefully examining the details of the process and carefully making it by hand. Here we introduce some of the many processes.

Making of Kabuto Bachi (helmet)

Cut out from an iron plate to make hachi-plates. Hachi-plates forged with a hammer are connected one by one with nails. In order to create a unique shape, I assemble the planks with different sizes.

Making of Menpo(protective gear for the face)

Cut out from the iron plate and shape it into various shapes with a hammer. The picture shows the process of making 'MENPO'(protective gear for the face).

Making of Sikoro (protect the back of the head)

"SIKORO" The part of a helmet that protects the back of the head. Make holes one by one for the thread to pass through.

Kazari-kanagu (decorative metal fittings)

Metal fittings are processed to decorate armor. ’KUWAGATA' is cut out from brass plate, shaped, and then polished with a charcoal to make it shiny. (SUMI_TOGI : traditional technique)

Attach Fukurin (ring wrap)

Bending along the shape using a wooden hummer.

Planting of Menpo mustache

After coloring 'MENPO' base to the iron rust,high quality horse hairs are planted instead of real mustache.

Gold leaf stamping

Real gold leafs are stamping to the carefully shaped and painted 'KOZANE' parts.

Cutting of the leather parts

Carefully selected deerskin by the master's select , after painting by the traditional ornamental patterns (EGAWA),cut out according to the shape of each part.

Odoshi process (Binding)

Beautifully decorated by gold leafs or urushi 'SIKORO' are binded to each other by a special silk thread.

Attach the metal fittings to decorate the armor.

The metal fittings are made of cast copper and plated with gold.

The cutting of Kinran (gold brocade)

Cut gold brocade of 'NISHIJIN-ORI' to decorate each part of the armor. It makes the armor more gorgeous.

Installation of each parts

Each part is carefully assembled using traditional techniques. In the image, ’Tsurubashiri-gawa' (deer leather with a pattern) is attached to the stomach of the armor.


his is the final stage. Create the shape of the armor by checking the overall balance.

Final confirmation

Making a final confirmation of the completed armor. This process is very important. The artisan's high sense of beauty is required.