Armor accessory Nikitama Mini / Antique Silver Color / Light blue Gradation braid



Bringing the spirit of Japanese traditional craftsmen closer to you!

A good luck charm for daily life. Armor accessory made in Kyoto, Japan, using traditional techniques by decorative armor artisan.

All handmade by traditional techniques.


  • Easy-to-carry amulet made by a traditional artisan in Kyoto.
  • An item with an ancient Japanese spirit that leads to the spirit of Yamato damashii and Bushido.
  • A gem created by artisan with their soul in the motif of "Sendan no ita" that protects the vital points of the chest of the armor.
  • Metal fitting pattern is Kiku(chrysanthemum). chrysanthemum(Noble and elegant). Chrysanthemums have been a special existence for Japanese people since ancient times and have been regarded as a symbol of dignity.
  • Copper is a metal that has been used in traditional Japanese crafts since ancient times. In recent years, it has also been attracting attention for its antibacterial properties.


<Main material>Copper, Silk braid

<Method>All handmade by traditional techniques. Copper antique plating.

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