The reason why I wanted to make this armor...

There is only one relic of this form of armor. National treasure armor of Oyamazumi Shrine in Ehime Prefecture. It is a very rare form of armor called the Doumaru-Yoroi.

First of all, make basic materials by referring to various documents. Since this armor has been observing the real thing before, the information at that time is also useful.


Temporarily assembled

with thick paper according to the survey content.

Checking the approximate shape

Temporarily assembled

with iron plates.

It is cut out from an iron plate according to the indexed dimensions and processed into a corrugated shape. Attach thick paper to the back to give it some thickness.


Black "Urushi" lacquer 

Apply several times to create a deep, glossy taste.


"Odoshi" Binding 

Bind each with a silk braid.

黒小札赤糸縅 "kurokozane Akaito-odoshi"
Black lacquered Kozane are bound with red silk thread.
Oosode (equipment to protect shoulders) and Kusazuri(equipment to protect thighs)


Making of Leather parts "Kawadokoro" 

Make Kawadokoro materials. I used a 1mm thick brass plate. Cut out carefully with a wire saw. A film is attached to prevent scratches during work.

I made a fukurin to attach to the edge of the Kawadokoro. The role of decoration and reinforcement. After this, it is polished and plated.


Decorative metal fittings

Decorative metal fittings. Shape of open fan pattern. Request based on the survey material. I got it made by a friend's engraver. Handmade one by one. I really like the delicate lines. The thick copper plate is engraved.



Installation of "kawadokoro"


"Sendan no ita &kyuubi no ita", "Oosode Kanmuri ita", "Mabisashi".
In Japanese...栴檀板&鳩尾板、大袖冠板、眉庇


The whole image from each direction.

Only one armor of this type exists in Japan. However, the real thing does not have a helmet part. Was it from the beginning or lost? In any case, it is a very valuable armor.


Creation of creative helmet

Finally, I will introduce the helmet part. It wasn't attached to the real thing, so I made it with the expected shape. However, I'm glad if you like it because I made a thorough research in accordance with this production.

Also, the color of odoshi in the actual armor changed due to fading, but this time I made it using the original red braid.


About the armor to be produced this time

 Name: National treasure, red thread armor, with large sleeves (dōmaru armor), dedicated to Minamoto no Yoshitsune

Collection: Oyamazumi Shrine (Oyamazumi Jinja) Omishima, Ehime Prefecture

Era: The end of the Heian period

Features: A rare relic that combines the characteristics of large armor and a domaru.

December 07, 2020 — Hiyaku Inc