There is nothing more Japanese than a suit of armor, don't you think?

A long time ago...
For example, armor was associated with a variety of emotions, such as a symbol of position, honor, and dignity. Also, when people wished to achieve great success in life, they would dedicate specially tailored armor to shrines and other temples.
Their armor was not only functional, but also had to be carefully crafted and decorated to the detriment of the eye.

For many years, our workshop has been creating high quality "Kazari-Akou" armor, based on a solid historical background and the use of traditional techniques.
Just like the original, each part of the armor is lavishly decorated with beautiful traditional crafts. We created this armor to show you the beauty of the various fine arts and crafts of Kazari-Armata, and hope that more and more people will be able to experience them.

We hope that all of your wishes will be fulfilled. From hand to hand. From Kyoto to the world. We will deliver them to you, one by one, with all our heart.

November 09, 2020 — ImamuraTatsuhito